Meet Dr. Brannon.

Dr. Brannon is a surgeon with a great deal of dedication and innovation. After seeing many Osteonecrosis patients, he not only thought of a new procedure to prevent total joint replacement, he also designed the tools he needed to do the job.  Dr Brannon is dedicated to preserving the joints of those with Osteonecrosis whenever possible. He has pioneered a technique that removes dead bone and replaces it with fresh bone graft, then he stabilizes the graft and joint while the joint grows new bone and becomes strong again.  He has trained other doctors across the country in the procedure. Importantly, it involves a very small incision (less the 5 cm), which means less infection and lower hospital stays., and is very successful.

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Towards our goal of raising awareness, we invite physicians to our Facebook education group, ON AVN Education.

We schedule open forums with the doctors so they may inform us about the techniques,  new technology, and advances in the field of Osteonecrosis. They generally feature a question and answer session at the end to answer  our question. These forums are open to everyone that wishes to attend.  We are very appreciative that the doctors volunteer their time and we take every opportunity to share what we learn with others. This page provides a glimpse into that information and any other information they wish to share.  We also make transcripts of our Facebook  forum for anyone who would like to review them. They are maintained at our Facebook site, but may also be requested through the "Contact Us"  form located on the Links page. 

Special Guest Physicians

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