​What is Osteonecrosis ?

Osteonecrosis is a bone disease that affects children, women, and men all over the world. It has several different names like Osteonecrosis or ON, Avascular Necrosis or AVN,  Aseptic Necrosis, Ischemic Necrosis, - however, they are all the same disease. Simply, osteonecrosis is death in the bones from insufficient blood supply.  Bone fractures, and other injuries can damage the blood vessels and impair circulation to the bones. Medications, specifically Corticosteroid medicines make one more prone to having the disease, although why has not been determined. Other medical conditions, such as sickle cell disease, myeloproliferative disorders, and especially those with compromised healing due to an autoimmune disease, like Lupus. 

The disease isn't well known to the public, many have never heard of the disease.  People stricken with osteonecrosis feel misunderstood and alone, children have difficulty talking to their friends and parents feel unsupported and frustrated by the differing opinions of physicians. If any of this sounds like you, please know you are not alone, we have support groups with others who have been there and can relate to what you are feeling. This is the principle reason we are trying to raise awareness and get public support.  Then we can work to raise funding for a cure, or new treatments, and even new research into the factors that predispose a person to the condition.        

                 NO ONE should have to face this painful disease alone !   

Osteonecrosis  Awareness

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       Working  together  for  better  treatments  and  outcomes  for  all .

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Who are we ? We are a group of people who suffer from osteonecrosis. Experiencing the disease ourselves, we know the pain and difficulties we face everyday.  So we are trying to raise awareness to help others to know the risk factors for acquiring this painful disease and to support those who already do.